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"Being a Professional Tennis Coach requires a great deal of energy on a daily basis, as you get older it is sometimes difficult to find the energy to keep up with the fit young kids. But since taking Abeeco's Resveratrol I've felt more energetic and healthy than I have in years and am now giving those kids a run for their money! My cholesterol and blood pressure readings has even brought a smile to my doctors face. Thanks Abeeco! Game on!"  John Salisbury, Professional Tennis Coach, Palmerston North

"Dear Abeeco,
I have been taking Abeeco Supabee for Men for the last year and I can't believe how good I feel. I am well over 50 and have just recently married. I have heaps of energy and my new wife thinks she married a younger man!"

J Davies, Auckland

Dear Raewyn 
 I'm 60 and have had psoriasis since I was 5 years old. As a child it was really bad but as I got older it reduced until I now only have a patch on my ankle but it still drives me mad everyday.  I read the back page ad of yours on the TV guide, ECZEMA, PSORIASIS, CRACKED SKIN….so I brought a tube of abeeco Miracle Manuka Cream & have only had 3 minuscule applications but I think I'm actually going to get rid of my psoriasis after all these years. It's brilliant and very aptly named. Thank you  Neville Keatinge, Mt Eden Auckland 


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 Bee Venom Masks have been touted as being a natural alternative to botox
and are reportedly used by a number of high profile celebrities !




                                                                              The Original Bee Venom Mask from New Zealand 
                                                                                                                                               Natures Gift

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Ultra Resveratrol & CoQ10

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Collagen & Keratin capsules 


Beautiful skin 
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Joint Health Powder



Hydrolyzed Collagen





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Here's what our customers are saying ...

I wanted to share my success story using Abeeco.  About two years ago, I ordered a pot of Bee Venom Mask.  I noticed that my foundation was able to be applied more smoothly after a week or two.  I felt my wrinkles were less prominent after three months of usage and decided to order the Royal Eye Creme.  I feel I now have less wrinkles than I did 10 years ago.  I still have very minimal smile lines, but am not complaining because they look so much better than 5 years ago. I love your products. Carol Likens USA

I have been using bee venom mask for 3 months now and it is heaven !! Deborah Pace, Melbourne.

No lie right before my very eyes the bee venom mask turned back the clock by 5 years, abeeco beauty.
Nellie Luhrmann, Australia

Thank you for the sample of bee venom mask, as I thought I may react to the bee venom, but it has been
great on my skin. I love your natural skincare range. Leanne Jones Christchurch 

"I started taking Abeeco Resveratrol after hearing so much about it and concerned about my health. It did live up to everything I’d read. Gave me a boost and lifted the energy levels I needed to get through some demanding days. Thank you,  Abeeco Super Strength Resveratrol.”
Bill Mudgway
Former ‘Eye in the Sky’ Broadcaster

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